Home-GP in Teutschenthal

The home Grand Prix in the Teutschenthal basin promised to be a very special event for our team and German rider Paul Haberland. The 1590 metre long hardpack track, known for its technical demands, became an even greater challenge due to heavy and persistent rainfall, which pushed both man and machine to their limits. 

Saturday: Qualifying and qualifying race 

Petr Polak, Mike Bolink and Paul Haberland already had to get used to the difficult track conditions during free practice on Saturday. The constant rain had softened the ground and turned it into a muddy slide. Nevertheless, our riders worked hard to find the right balance and the necessary confidence in their bikes and the track. 

Early on Saturday afternoon, the next item on the schedule was qualifying, which, unlike in the ADAC MX Masters, determines the starting position for the qualifying race. Despite all the efforts and challenges, Paul Haberland was able to secure a respectable 25th place. Petr Polak was less lucky and suffered a heavy crash and could only push the bike back to the team truck, which dropped him to 36th place. Mike Bolink finished the qualifying session in 37th place. 

This was followed by an intensive effort by our team to get Polak’s bike fit again after his crash. Despite their efforts, our boys were only able to perform to a limited extent in the qualifying race: Paul Haberland finished 27th, Petr Polak 32nd and Mike Bolink 33rd, but they were not discouraged and prepared themselves for the decisive race Sunday. 

Sunday: Race Sunday and the big challenge 

Race Sunday began with mixed feelings. Mike Bolink decided to skip the warm-up due to the adverse weather conditions and the difficult track conditions. Petr Polak and Paul Haberland, on the other hand, took the opportunity to further get used to the track and mentally prepare for the upcoming races. 

In the first race, our riders had to take a long route at the start due to their position in the qualifying race and were therefore unable to take advantage of the shorter and faster inside line. But they didn’t give up and quickly found their racing rhythm. Paul Haberland unfortunately had to end the race early after a crash, which was a major setback for him and the team. Petr Polak fought valiantly to 26th place despite two crashes, while Mike Bolink finished close behind in 29th place. 

Second race and the crowning finale 

Unfortunately, Paul Haberland was unable to start the second race due to health problems. This was a big blow, but Petr Polak and Mike Bolink gave it their all. In this race, both found a good speed and were able to finish the race in 26th and 29th place again. Their performances despite the adverse conditions showed great fighting spirit and endurance. 

Summary: An emotional weekend 

An emotional weekend full of highs and lows came to an end. The home Grand Prix in the Teutschenthal basin demanded everything from our team, but we stuck together and gave our best. A big thank you goes to all the fans who turned up in large numbers despite the bad weather and created a great atmosphere. Your support has carried us through the difficult moments. A big thank you also goes to all our friends and sponsors who were there and actively supported us. We look back on this weekend with mixed feelings, but also with pride, and are already looking forward to the next time in the Teutschenthal basin. 

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