Petr Polák remains loyal to SHR Motorsports

Team SHR Motorsports is pleased to announce the contract extension with young and talented Czech driver Petr Polak for the upcoming 2024 season. This marks the second year between SHR Motorsports and Petr Polak and both sides are excited to continue their collaboration.

Petr Polak impressively demonstrated last season that he is not only a first-class rider but also an essential part of the SHR team. His passion, determination and friendly nature helped the team and Petr to celebrate good finishes in the top 10 of the ADAC MX Masters. Unfortunately, a practice crash slowed Petr down and he was unable to finish the season.

“The decision to go into the 2024 season with SHR Motorsports was a clear one for me. The team put their trust in me right from the start and we have achieved so much together. I am convinced that we can show even more in the coming season,” said Petr Polak.

The SHR Motorsports team is also thrilled about the ongoing partnership. Team boss Steffen Hünecke commented: “Petr has proven to be a real asset to our team, both on and off the track. His professionalism, engagement and racing qualities are exactly what we need to reach new heights in the 2024 season.”

With Petr Polak on Board , SHR Motorsports heads into the upcoming season confident of continuing to shine in the motorsport world. The team is looking forward to tackling the exciting challenges of the race track with Petr and competing for the podium together.

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