Swiss Championship at Muri

On Whit Monday, over 10,000 enthusiastic fans came with bright sunshine in Muri, Switzerland, to experience the traditional Whitsun Cross. Amidst this impressive scenario, Petr Polák and Mike Bolink took to the grid, ready to prove themselves in the international MX Masters field.

Qualifying was promising for the two riders. Petr Polák put in a strong performance and secured an excellent 7th place. Mike Bolink followed and secured 12th place. With these results, they were motivated for the upcoming races.

In the first race, Petr Polák played to his strengths on the hardpack. Despite a small slide at the start, which cost him valuable time, he showed remarkable fighting spirit and continuously worked his way forwards. Polák came out of the first lap in 12th place and finished in a respectable 6th place, an impressive performance after the initial setback.

Mike Bolink, on the other side, was less fortunate. In 16th place, he was unfortunately brought down by another rider on the fourth lap. Determined not to admit defeat, he started an impressive recovery from 35th place, fighting his way through the field lap after lap to finally finish 20th.

The second race offered even more excitement and thrilling duels. Petr Polák fought a battle with the riders Neurauter and Freidig. The spectators were thrilled when Polák overtook Neurauter in the last few metres to catch 5th place. This race clearly showed Polak’s determination and riding skills.

Mike Bolink also put in a strong performance in the second race. After the first lap he was in 19th place, but he was not to be deterred. Step by step, he worked his way forwards, overtaking several competitors and eventually finishing 14th. This constant improvement was testament to Bolink’s stamina and his ability to adapt to the challenges of the race.

PC: Philippe Weber (@eeaa_entertainment)

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